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Fade - Lisa McMann The second book in the series starts off shortly after where Wake left off. This novel is much darker than the first, and deals with heavier issues such as drinking, drugs, etc. - so it may not be appropriate for all readers. For those readers who do venture into this novel, you will be captivated by McMann's writing style and originality.I really enjoyed seeing Cabel and Janie's relationship grow and evolve. While this is not your fairytale-type relationship, it is realistic. They have their super sweet moments as well as the bitter. It is a balancing act that McMann uses to its fullest potential. Another aspect that I had been waiting for is addressed in this novel: Janie's powers. While the reader does not understand everything about them, there is very few questions still left unanswered.All in all, the writing for this novel is exceptional. I was captivated by Fade, and did not want to put it down. And if I had to, my thoughts kept coming back to it. Wanting to know when x was going to be resolved, or what would happen next. This book kept my on the edge of my seat. The Wake trilogy is shaping up to be one of my all time favorite series. I am now anxiously awaiting Gone - which will be released in 2010. If you have not given this series a try, then I suggest you do. It is a fantastic series that does not disappoint.