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Once a Witch - Generally speaking, I love a good tale about witches. I think that they have fascinating history, and are a great subject to discuss. That being said, Once a Witch is possibly the best YA book involving witches that I have read in a while. The plot was enchanting and fast paced. It included an amazing dynamic between its lead characters, Tasmin and Gabriel. Their constant back and forth banter was amusing, and kept me laughing throughout the novel. In addition, Tasmin was a wonderful heroine. She was smart, witty, comical, just everything that I love in a spunky lead female.One aspect that I was surprised to enjoy was knowing who the evil character was for most of the novel. (The description also pretty much tells you, too.) While the reader knows the "who", MacCullough keeps the reader in suspense giving only small clues to the "why" every so often. This method worked really well in keeping me on the edge of my sit trying to figure out the bad guy's motive.All in all, I thought this was a fabulous novel. I laughed, a teared up a bit, a yelled at the bad guy, etc. I am really looking forward to more from this author and the series. There is a lot more that I want answered about Tasmin and her family, and I cannot wait to dive in.