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Give Up the Ghost - Megan Crewe This fantastic debut novel took my breath away with its original and sometimes emotional plot. Throughout the novel, I found myself captivated by the novel characters, both main and support, and its wonderful underlying message. I found the main character Cass to be enchanting; however, Crewe's exploration of Cass was sometimes lacking. In addition, while the reader has a good feel for Cass' world, they are left with many questions unanswered. It is unclear if they will be addressed later in the series (if there is to be a sequel), or if the author herself does not yet have the answers-- meaning that Cass' gift, for example, is truly an aspect that cannot be explained, it is just something that is. I also wish that Crewe had provided more of the much needed background information. If it had been provided, I believe that the novel would have felt much more fleshed out. My only other issue is Tim. I am not too sure how I feel about him as a lead male character. There were parts where I loved him, and there were parts where he really annoyed me with his weaknesses. While I understand where most of them come from I just wish he had dealt with his issues in another manner.Despite the few bumps, there are many elements that make this book magically. The dynamic between Cass and Paige was incredible. Those interactions were some of my favorite parts of the novel. But hands down, I think my favorite aspect was the lists that Cass makes. They are insightful and above all else, humorous. Interesting enough, some of them actually sound like something I would write to be snarky.All in all, this was a delightful book to read. I adored the messages that Crewe is sending to her readers about second chances, and people are not always who you think they are. I came away from this book with a great feeling. I really hope there is a sequel so that I can get to know more about Cass and her gift, as well as learn more about Paige. I think she is a fascinating support character, and I am a dying to learn more.