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Jekel Loves Hyde - Beth Fantaskey Jekel Loves Hyde is a surprisingly dark and moody novel. Gone is the stereotypical pretty girl main character. Instead the reader has Jill: your average looking, science loving kinda girl. I have to say that I applaud Fantaskey for taking this leap. It was refreshing to read about a main character who is well... so average. And what makes me applaud Fantaskey even more is that she stays average. There are no makeovers... no sudden transformations. Just a normal girl who has a romance with an attractive male.The plot went far beyond my expectations. Fantaskey has taken a classic that many readers will be familiar with, and flipped it on its head. I have to say that this novel was a complete page turner... filled with many twists that will shock and amaze. This is one book that I did not want to put down.While the characters are unique in their own ways, there are some aspects to them that almost disappointed me. For the most part, Tristen and Jill lacked the chemistry between them that I was looking for. They do work well together and I loved their heated interactions, but I just had a hard time being swept up in their romance. It had the possibility, but did not live up to its full potential. Additionally, I missed Fantaskey's humor. If you have read her previous novel, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, then you know the humor which I am referring to. While I think that the humor is missing largely due to the mood of the novel, I still missed it nonetheless.While I throughly enjoyed the novel, I must comment on the ending. It is possibly the only real big miss of the novel. Honestly, I was pretty let down to see that Fantaskey did not give me the big action scene that I had been craving. Everything is hinted at, but nothing is shown. Instead, the reader is left almost hanging with a nice epilogue to mesh all the ending threads. Personally, I would have preferred things differently, but it does work to a certain extent. Jekel Loves Hyde is a very satisfying read. Fantaskey tells a wonderful story and look forward to her future work.Readers should be aware: The novel contains a fair amount of curse words in specific areas of the novel. As well as scenes of kissing and sexual nature. While there are no sex scenes, it is discussed at length a few times throughout the novel. The novel also contain a good amount of violence.