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Captivate - Carrie Jones May contain spoilers from Need, please read at your own risk.Captivate was an amazingly entertaining read. Like its predecessor, Need, the novel is full of creative elements. The words fly off the pages, sucking readers into this unique world that Jones has created. The plot picks up right where Need left off: Zara is beginning to settle into her new life with her grandmother, her relationship with Nick is going strong, everything seems to be a positive... except Zara's father. He and the other pixies are a sore spot that Zara just cannot ignore. And to top everything off, a new pixie king emerges causing Zara to question everything.While this novel is missing a few elements that made Need so special for me (Zara's continuous listing of phobias and the creepiness factor), Jones more than makes up for it through her usage of powerful emotions. This novel will make you laugh, make you sigh, and more than likely, make you cry.In regards to the characters, I am happy to report that for the most part, they remained true to their personalities: Zara is still her phobia-loving self, Nick is still a little over possessive, etc. However, it is the newer characters made me scratch my head a few times while trying to understand their purpose. Astley is a prime example of this. While he has the possibility to be a wonderful, sexy character, he can sometimes come off a little boring. Yes, this is his introduction novel, but I wanted to get to know him better... I wanted to see if you can trust a pixie. Unfortunately, with this novel, readers are only able to put out their feelers for him, and the truth behind his character and motivation will not be revealed at least until the next novel. Having enjoyed novels similar to these, I am very curious to see what path Jones will take with Astley. I have a few hunches, but I will have to wait and see if I am right.While I did not overall love Captivate as much as Need, Captivate still has a lot going for it. There is plenty of romance, sadness, changes in character development, etc. For those of you who enjoyed Need, Captivate is a must read. For those who have been a little hesitant about reading this series, I say, give it a try. It is a truly amazing series.