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Fairy Tale - Cyn Balog Short and Sweet: Fairy Tale had a LOT of potiential. Interesting plot.. fairies!.. and a fun concept. The problem? The characters. They are great in the beginning of the book, but once we are introduced to the other two supporting characters, everything changes. Cam goes from being mildly interesting to annoying. I didn't get Pip. And the fairy chick, made me want to pull her hair out. Good novel about fairies, but not what I was hoping for.Final Verdict: Despite some character issues, Fairy Tale was a pleasant read. The novel as a whole was pretty fast paced. It has fairies.. need I say more? And the possibility for a sweet romance was there. While I personally wish that Balog had given readers a deeper glimpse into some of the other character's thoughts to make the novel feel more complete, it works as it is. All in all, ´╗┐Fairy Tale is a wonderful coming of age tale that tackles some serious teen issues.