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Storm Glass - Maria V. Snyder Since being captivated a few months ago by Snyder's dystopian novel, Inside Out, I decided that it might be time to give her fantasy novel, Storm Glass, a chance. And I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised.Readers of Tamora Pierce will quickly discover that they have found a kindred soul in Snyder. Her words flow effortlessly from the page creating a breath-taking world that readers will never want to leave. It is a world that is easy to bask in. The details are full bodied and utterly enchanting. This can also be said of the characters. Opal, Kade, and the many characters from Snyder's previous series, the Study series, make up one amazing group of characters. They are funny, serious, and just plain fun to read about. With this full and diverse group of characters, readers will quickly discover a favorite to root for. Storm Glass is a quick paced novel that kept me glued to its pages. And while I must admit that I have yet to read Snyder's previous Study series, I can guarantee that the world that has been introduced to me is being begged to be further explored. And these novels will be devoured as soon as I can get my hands on them.