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The Eternal Ones: What If Love Refused to Die?

The Eternal Ones - Kirsten Miller Haven is different than the teens that live in her small city of Snope City, Tennessee. She has visions... of a past that feels strangely familiar. Although she has never been able to pinpoint the truth of her believed past life, suddenly everything begins to click into place as she watches television one night. In an instant everything in Haven's life changes as she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the mysterious playboy, Iain Morrow. And though she knows that in this life she has never met him, she feels that her future is somehow connected to his.It is not often that I am so torn with a novel like I am with The Eternal Ones. On the one side, I found the novel to be heart-wrenchingly beautiful. The love story and the lengths that two teens go to in order to be together was almost epic. In a way, The Eternal Ones represents all that love is and can be. The power of it and the drive that brings two people together regardless of the obstacles. I simply was in awe of the beauty that Miller created within this novel.On the other hand, the religious elements within the novel felt ill suited. As reader, I understood how the religious undertones fit. But it was presented in a way that was almost sloppy. To be perfectly honest, if sections of the religious references had been removed, then I think I would have found the novel as a whole that much more enjoyable.Another reason that I find myself torn with the novel is due to the characterization of Haven. In the beginning of the novel, she is a very strong character. She has a hobby which could become a future business, and, although her home life is not perfect, she has a family that cares about her... in their own way. However, once she meets and begins her relationship with Iain, things being to take a turn for the worse. Her once trusting nature seems to flip-flop based on the whims of the relationship. In addition, she seems to almost loss all of her rational thought. Instead of making up her mind about how she feels about Iain, it is almost like she assumes that that will be together because Iain swears that her visions are of their past life together.Despite a few bumps in the road, The Eternal Ones is a beautiful and captivating novel. The ending, while feeling complete, does leave the reader wanting a little more. So, I would not be surprised to see a sequel, possibly in the sometime near future.