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Life As We Knew It (Life As We Knew It Series #1)

Life As We Knew It (Life As We Knew It Series #1) - After reading this novel, I now look at my life a little bit differently. The sun looks a little bit brighter, the air just a little bit cleaner. Everything feels more significant after reading Miranda's fictional diary written during the days leading up to and following a gigantic asteroid striking the Moon causing countless catastrophic weather events and deaths.Part of what makes this novel so magical is that everything is planted in reality. Plenty of realistic dialog and details are sprinkled in to keep the readers attention. It also features realistic characters that you can relate to, make this novel hard to put down. While this novel can be depressing and bleak, it is well done. This is not a happily ever after type story; however, it does make you thankful for all that you do have. This is a story that will stick with you.