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Another Pan - Daniel Nayeri, Dina  Nayeri Going into Another Pan, I was lost. I do not know if I am the only one, but for some reason I thought Another Pan was going to be a continuation of Another Faust. I was wrong. The tale still centers around Marlowe School and the creepy, evil nanny / nurse lady from the previous novel. Where Another Pan deviates is that we now have a new set of main characters, new tale retelling, and new myths. To start off with, I love Egyptian lore and I love Peter Pan. But I am not too sure I love them together. While some aspects of the mixture work together, others seemed like too far a stretch, in a connect the dots kinda way. And sadly, this was not my biggest gripe about the novel. Like the previous novel, the Point of View is at times awkward. One second, we are with X character in X location, then with a transition and sometimes without, we shift to a totally different character in a totally different location... and sometimes even POV. For the most part, I enjoy novels that occasionally shift POV since I like seeing inside other characters' heads. But in Another Pan, it seemed, at times, completely random and unorganized.Characters in Another Pan were quite interesting. My personal favorites being Wendy and Peter. First off, I loved that Wendy viewed herself so practically. The "I would never be so stupid over a guy" kinda girl.. and promptly changes her tune once she meets Peter. Peter, on the other hand, is typical Peter. If you have ever read Peter Pan or a novel with Peter Pan, you already known the kind of character he is. Even the LBs (Lost Boys) were pretty true to the original.Ultimately, Another Pan provokes mixed feelings. There was definitely enough intrigue to keep me going, but the odd POV transitions and slow moving plot really made it difficult. I definitely give a nod to the brother and sister authors for trying to go outside the box and create something completely their own. But after reading the first two books in the Another Series, I fear that another novel in this series is not in my future.