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Sea Glass (Glass, Book 2)

Sea Glass - Maria V. Snyder Opal is back in action again in Sea Glass. Like the previous novel, Opal is an engaging and fun character to follow. Her adventures are plenty as she seems to leap from one troublesome adventure to another. From the previous novel, Storm Glass, Opal has done what seems like a complete 180 in regards to her personality. Gone is the optimistic Opal who believes in the good of everyone. In her place is an Opal who as been burned one too many times. An Opal who seems jaded beyond belief. As reader, I enjoyed seeing another side of her character, but to a certain extent I wanted the original Opal back.As for the relationships, I must admit that I feel like I am lost. Kade continues to be in her life, but not in the way that I feel that he should. The once good and bad guys seem to have a reversed roles. And I admit that at this moment, I am completely clueless as to who I hope Opal ends up with. Sea Glass is an exciting middle novel to the Glass trilogy. There is plenty of action, adventure, and even romance to keep readers guessing what the final installment has in store. And I for one am super excited to see what Snyder has left up her sleeve.