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Spy Glass. Maria V. Snyder (Glass Trilogy)

Spy Glass (Opal Cowan Trilogy - Book 3) (Glass Trilogy) - Maria V. Snyder Opal is mopey. She has lost her powers and now feels like an outsider in the world that she has come to love. Her love life is in shambles. Kade is distant... and her relationship with a certain reformed "friend" is not a simple as it may seem. On top of everything, Opal discovers that her blood maybe still be out there somewhere... just waiting on her to find. But finding it may come at a high cost. Will she become addicted to the blood magic like so many before her have? Or will her new found immunity cause issues she never dreamed of? Only time will tell in this gripping finish.Quite honestly, Spy Glass surprised me. Opal is finally back to being a character I am both familiar and comfortable with. Her spark is back in ways that I really was not expecting. I found myself enthralled with Spy Glass' whole cast of characters, and on the edge of my seat to discover how everything would play out. This novel is quite possibly the best in the trilogy. The characters are fun again. Their adventures were exciting. And I just loved trying to guess how Opal's love triangle would play out. Spy Glass is a thrilling and exciting conclusion to the Glass trilogy. Synder shines in highlighting Opal's adventures both physically and romantically. This novel will have you reading late into the night, dying to know how everything will conclude.