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Stork - Wendy Delsol Short and Sweet: Our main character, Katla (aka Kat), has been forced to move from California to Minnesota. A move that she is none to pleased with. Here in this chilly town, she uncovers a long lost secret and a secret society that she could have never dreamed existed. While reading Stork, I was completely captivated by the uniqueness of the tale. Storks... vessels... Ravens. The elements came together to make Stork a tale like nothing I have ever read. Sure, it did have a few problems. But since this is the first book in a trilogy, they have been mostly overlooked. I just hope that Delsol addresses the remaining questions that I have sooner rather than later.Final Verdict: A completely enchanting tale. Stork has furthered my love for Icelandic lore, while offering a new fare for YA readers to devour. Can't wait for the sequel!