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Princess for Hire - Lindsey Leavitt Princess for Hire is a wonderful cute and charming read with a really interesting premise. The novel centers on Desi who wants more from life than what she has been given. She dreams of being noticed for the right reasons, and not just because she wears an animal costume for the local pet store. Thankfully for her, she gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of an elite group of young ladies who fill in for princesses when they need a break.Tweens and younger adults will easily relate to Desi and her awkwardness. She is a fascinating character full of spunk and can be quite humorous at times. I loved reading about often silly situations that she found herself in, and found myself rooting for her in those instances when she stood up for herself. While I do not think that older readers will get much out this adorable novel other than it being an enjoyable read, I believe that younger readers can gain much from the positive messages that Leavitt explores. I throughly enjoyed this novel, and cannot wait to see more from this author and her series. This novel is recommended for readers who enjoy novels such as The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot.