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Outside In - Maria V. Snyder Ever since I finished the last page of Inside Out last year, I have been desperately awaiting Outside In and the return of the infamous "Pipe Queen." Inside Out, the first novel of the series, followed Trella as she led a rebellion against the overbearing Uppers. In the second novel, Outside In, Trella is back and trying to pick up the pieces of her society. However, Trella is not ready to lead. She prefers to give her power to the Committee, a mishmash group who succeeds only at arguing and getting nothing done. How will Trella overcome this obstacle while trying to unite her society against a new Outside force? Only time will tell...Outside In took many of the elements that I loved about Inside Out, and twisted them a little. The first thing readers will notice is the change in Trella. Previously, Trella was strong, brave, and everything I loved about a ´╗┐Snyder heroine, rolled together. But Trella in the beginning Outside In was not as I expected her to be. She is submissive, passive, and really unsure of herself. In a way, I was confused. Where was my leader of the Sheep Rebellion? However, this Trella slowly grew on me. Her faults only served to make her more realistic.The plot is really where Outside In shines. It is full of twists and turns.. things that make you scratch your head.. events that will make you cheer.. and most importantly, the return of Sheepie. No kidding, I love that little stuffed animal. To top everything off, Snyder creates a beautiful world that will suck you in with characters that you will not be able to forget. Although, it seems that Outside In will be the final novel of the series, I must admit that I am pleased with how everything turned out.