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Darkness Becomes Her - Kelly Keaton Darkness Becomes Her takes place in the not so distant future, mainly in New Orleans (aka New 2). This city, which in real life has overcome so much, has been hit (fictionally) harder than one city deserves by not one but two category 4 hurricanes in a very short period of time. Due to the carnage, the Federal Government simply gave up on the once great city, and allowed a group of families to buy the land. In this strange new territory, people are free to live life as they see fit. But not all is as it appears as our heroine, Ari, quickly discovers.Darkness Becomes Her is a paranormal lovers dream. This tale basically has it all: vampires, witches, ghosts, and everything in between. And just when you think Keaton has nothing left up her sleeve, she includes snippets of Greek myths. While I adore Greek myths and believe they add a lot of depth to Darkness Becomes Her, I am not too sure that I love the paranormal and the myth elements together. Yes, I applaud Keaton for her originally. But truth be told, it felt like overkill. As for the characters, they are fabulous with Ari by far being my favorite. She is tough, can take care of herself, and has the squishy inside that I love for my heroines to have. The other main characters I found to be just as great. However, the secondary character, I will admit, felt flat. Even now days after reading the novel, I cannot recall many details about them. I wish I did, but I don't.Very rarely does a novel so deserve its title, but deserves all that and more! From the very early pages, I realized that I was going to absolutely love this novel... and I did. Darkness Becomes Her is an engaging novel that has stolen my heart. I look forward to more from Keaton and this series.