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Mad Love - Suzanne Selfors In a lot of ways, Mad Love surprised me. I was expecting a cutesy love story without much depth to it. Yet that is not what I got. Mad Love tells the tale of Alice and Errol. Alice is the daughter of the Queen of Romance. Whereas Errol is the original King of Romance, Cupid. And no, he is a little kid running around with a quiver of arrows. These two come together when Alice is forced to masquerade as the Queen of Romance while her mother is secretly seeking treatment for a mental illness.Mad Love succeeds on a lot of levels. Alice probably being at the top of my list. She is easy to relate to. I loved her voice. And she was just a blast to read about. Another aspect that I loved was how the novel could be so lighthearted, but also switch over to the serious side. Last, but definitely not least is Errol. On certain points, Errol is a hard character to describe. Yes, I liked him. But I loved his background even more. Selfors tells his tale in such a heartwarming way that it simply just too hard not to love him.Ultimately, Mad Love was a blast. True, I do have some unanswered questions that I wish could have been answered. But overall, Mad Love is a quirky, cute read that leaves you with a nice warm feeling.