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Hourglass - Myra McEntire Short and Sweet: Hourglass blew me away. It was completely different than the usual YA fare that I come across. And if it were for that alone, Hourglass would be a definite recommend. However, McEntire gave me more than just something unique. The characters were fantastic. Emerson (kinda on the fence with the name) was exactly what I love in a MC. Feisty. An individual. She lives by the beat of her own drum. As for the romance, even this, was not exactly form. McEntire does not conform to what a YA romance should be. Instead, she makes it her own. And incredibly real and believable. Kudos.Final Verdict: Bravo! Hourglass was a complete and pleasant surprise. Loved every second of this fast paced and beautiful novel. Cannot wait for the sequel.