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The Water Wars - Cameron Stracher Short and Sweet: The Water Wars takes place in the not too distant future. In this world, water has become the be all to end all. It is more valued than gas... food... it is what makes the world go round... governments fight over it... I think you get the idea. Before The Water Wars was released, I was really excited about this book. The premise sounded promising. The concept seemed different. But once I dived into the pages, I was surprised to find it as dry as the landscapes that Stracher describes. The characters were on point. I loved Vera, Will, and most of the secondary characters (there is nothing like a soft-hearted pirate to pull on the heart strings). But Kai left something to be desired. I never really understood exactly why Vera would go through as much as she did for someone she barely knew. And the romance between her and Kai seemed forced. Final Verdict: Not only did I want to like The Water Wars, I actually wanted to fall head over heels for it. But the later half of the novel turned my joy into mild disappointment. Between the jarring action sequences and the plot seeming to fade into almost nonexistance, I found myself lost in a sea of I don't know what. Did I hate The Water Wars? Surpringly no. But it feel completely short of my expectations.