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Inside Out - Maria V. Snyder Going into reading Inside Out, I was a little worried since I had tried to read her other series, Study, without much success. Thankfully, my fears were quickly pushed aside as I began reading.Inside Out begins slowly as Snyder introduces Trella's world. This is a world full of life and issues that many of us have not encountered before, so I really enjoyed that Snyder took her time to ease the reader into this new world. Snyder's attention to detail also is shown in her characterization of Trella. She is not a happy-go-lucky type of person. Instead, she is complex: a ruff exterior to hide the soft inside. She is spunky, headstrong, and vulnerable at the right moments... the perfect character for a dystopian novel. Like Trella, the secondary characters are outstanding. They add tons of depth to Trella's character as well as make the novel more fun. Riley, Trella's love interest, was totally a swoon-worthy kind of guy, who definitely helped to soften Trella's hard edges... that and his adorable stuff animals. Seriously, if I could buy these little guys I would.The premise of the novel has the distinct dystopian feel about it with slight hints of science fiction. In Trella's world, there are basically two types of people: the Uppers and the Scrubs. While the novel does not go into too much detail about the Uppers, the Scrubs' lives are throughly detailed. The reader understands everything from day to day life to how things are recycled. For Trella, her life is the pipes. She knows them backwards and forwards, and did not earn her nickname, Queen of the Pipes, for nothing. Everything changes for her one day when she becomes tangled up in a revolution... one that she wanted no part of.Like the pipes that Trella calls home, Inside Out is full of twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Synder does a magnificent job of unveiling every little plot detail slowly and with the greatest care. There will definitely be some twists that you will not have seen coming. Especially, the finally twist. That was one that I never saw coming in a million years. While the novel feels complete, there are definitely some questions that need answers. Thankfully, Outside In will be released in 2011. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next installment. And I am crossing my fingers for some more of the adorableness that is Riley and his stuffed animals.Readers should be aware: This novel contains minor usage of curse words. As well as minimal kissing and talk of sexual acts, which pertains to inner workings Terella's world. The novel also contains a far amount of violence.