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Bumped - Megan McCafferty Short and Sweet: Bumped is unlike an other dystopian I have ever read. A society facing extinction by virus. More specifically, a virus that causes everyone over age 18 to be unable to conceive. While the cause of extinction wasn't overly shocking, it is the reaction of the people that is. Teens with fake baby bumps. Shirts openly declaring their desire for a child. Even the rewards that are given for having the "perfect" baby were completely out there. And I loved that. Bumped was so different than what I thought it would be. The dystopian world controlling the actions of its people. But that was not all to the story. Not even close.Final Verdict: Bumped has many layers to it. The dystopian element. The society. The sisters and their dynamic. And it all blends together in a really interesting way. While appreciate the differences of Bumped, part of me wanted more. Mainly with the sisters. I just didn't connect with them the way I wanted to. Maybe it is just first novel blues. But I know I am interersted enough to see what happens next.