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What I Saw and How I Lied - For me, this book was truly a pleasure to read. It is a hodgepodge of many of my favorite elements in a novel-- there was history information, romance, interesting plot and characters, just enough mystery, etc.I loved how Blundell incorporated post-WWII information in the novel. It was fascinating to learn a little bit about life during this period, and it was told in a way that was interesting. Another aspect that I enjoyed was that, for the most part, Blundell left the "truth" in the reader's hands. If you want to believe x happened, then you have enough information to support that, and the same goes if you want to believe y happened. Therefore, since she did not come right out and state this is exactly what happened, the reader is left to form their own opinions about certain characters. While this method has bugged me in other books, I found that it worked really well in this one. To be honest, I have opinions about certain characters (which may vary from yours), and I would have liked this book less if the author had come right out and said this did or did not happen with certain characters. **Sorry if this is a bit confusing, I am trying not to give any spoilers away.**I have very few complaints about the novel. One of which is that I was not surprised by the "tragedy." I actually saw it coming pretty early in the book due to hints the author drops. I also want to state that I did not like Peter. I found him creepy for the most part and slimey with a capital S. He reminded me of those stereotypical used car salesmen type guys.Regardless of a few bumps in the road with this book, I found it to be a very entertaining read. The characters are well written and the plot keeps the readers attention. The ending of the book is fabulous, and really makes you think about your own family ties.Comment