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Carrier of the Mark - Leigh Fallon Short and Sweet:Carrier of the Mark took a little bit for me to get into. But once the premise started to really reveal itself, that's when things started getting interesting. I am not going to go into too many details here... but if you have read Twilight, then you know pretty much know the basics about Carrier of the Mark. Girl moves to a new place (Ireland), meets dreamy aloof guy that every one wants but no body seems to be able to snag, aloof guy has spunky sister who becomes BFFs with new girl, another mean sibling who does their best to keep new girl and aloof guy apart... I think you get the point.Now, while all the similarities may have put me off of the book in the beginning, what set everything apart for me was Megan. She is not some klutzy, brain-dead girl who is forever chewing on her lip every 5 seconds. Oh no! Get Megan going and she is a girl to be reckoned with. And there are ZERO vampires! Sure, everyone does have a superpower but I loved that aspect. Made the book feel completely fresh.Final Verdict:Carrier of the Mark may have some annoying similarities to another book. But its differences really made it stand out. No, I am not a huge fan of the romance between Adam and Megan. Way too insta-love for my liking. But it does evolve into something more natural, so there is still hope for this series.