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Dark Souls - Paula Morris First Impression:Spooky cover. Creepy summary. With Halloween just around the corner, it is time for the scary books to start coming out. Or at least this is what I hoped to find with Dark Souls. While Reading:Hmm.... where do I start? Dark Souls is the hardest to put into words book of the year. Usually, after finishing a book, I have a few candid thoughts. Such as, 'Book X was beautiful.' Or 'Man, book X really left me hanging with this plot thread or that plot thread.' But Dark Souls took my book contemplation to a whole different level. It was almost like a big question mark. But I am getting ahead of myself. Dark Souls quite possibly has the slowest beginning I have ever read. Morris introduces York. And introduces York. And does it again. I love history. But I want my history and historical settings to come to life. To be far, Morris does this. York is a Gothic dream. Dark, spooky, and everything I wanted it to be. Yet I found myself being drowned with too many details. Nothing was really left to my imagination. And that is something I really love about books. Give me just enough and let me fill in the rest. One surprising detail that Morris got me on was the romance. It is hinted at. There is chemistry. But nothing really ever develops. With YA books constantly going overboard in the romance department, I found Morris' lack of romance nicely refreshing. For all the build up in Dark Souls, the ending really delivers. Lots of action. Lots of questions answered. No pretty bow to wrap everything up. But satisfy. Verdict:Dark Souls was not what I thought it would be. But that is a good thing in a way. I love being surprised. And Morris had plenty of surprises in store. Dark Souls was a great spooky story with plenty of meat to keep me interested.