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Across the Universe - Beth Revis Told through dual points of view, Across The Universe is a stunning look at humanity's possible future. Loss of resources. The idea of sustainable life on other planets. And in the not too distant future, this is Amy's life. A young girl whose family signs up for the mission of a lifetime. A mission which will take Amy to places that most people could only dream about.When I first saw the cover of Across The Universe and read the summary, I knew this book had to be mine. Shiny. Dystopian. Outer Space. It had all the elements that my mood was craving. And although I knew it was going to be different... I was not fully expecting what I got. Across The Universe started out on the positive side. Dark world. Plenty of backstory and details. And TONS of secrets. Characters that I thought I could grow to like. But as I got deeper into the novel, things went downhill. For starters, the first half of the novel is really slow. So slow in fact that I contemplated putting Across The Universe down not once.. not twice.. but at least three times. Granted, there was that one AH HA! moment that I thought could turn everything around. But sadly this moment went as quickly as it came. Revis additionally completely surprised me by how graphic she could be. Now, I am no shy miss. It often takes a lot for me to feel uncomfortable with a novel. But Revis somehow managed to both revolt and amaze me. I know this sounds like a weird combination, but for Across The Universe it works. Revis is completely honest with her world. She holds nothing back.. and does not apologize for her world. And I absolutely loved her for that. But in certain parts of the novel (The Season), I was left wondering was all if the graphicness was really needed.Across The Universe, ultimately, leaves me with too many conflicting feelings. I wanted to be head over heels for this book. But due to lackluster characters, slow pacing, and graphic scenes, I am not sure at this point how I really feel about it. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely aspects about Across The Universe that I completely enjoyed. But at this point, I am left more disappointed than pleased.