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The Predicteds - Christine Seifert Short and Sweet:What if there was a program could predict that could bad things before it happened? If it knew who the "bad apples" were and could allow for possible future situations to be avoided? Questions such as these make up a large chunk of The Predicteds. Should we know? If we do know, how to we use this information?The Predicteds was a conflicting read. On one hand, I loved the possibilities for the book. Futuristic science and human nature trying to go hand in hand, it is just a recipe for disaster. And The Predicteds did a wonderful job of displaying that. But on that other hand, the book took so long to get where it needed to be. The overall pacing, while not a disaster, seemed to crawl for a good portion of the book.Final Verdict:The Predicteds was a book that had its moments. Fantastic concept. Wonderful characters. Yet the pacing dragged the book down. If the pacing had been a bit more upbeat, then the book would have been much more memorable to me. As it is, I enjoyed the book overall. But felt like it took me a lot longer to get through it then it probably should have.