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Memento Nora - Angie Smibert If you could take a little white pill to forget all the traumatic events in your life... would you do it? Would the events that you have forgotten make your life different? Would it make you a different person? It is not everyday that a book evokes all these questions and really makes you think about the events that shape who you are as a person. But Memento Nora tackles all these questions. And does so in a way that completely threw my brain for a loop.Told through three teen point of views, readers are given a deep look into the exciting and often times frightening world that Angie Smibert has created. Each character has their own hopes.. dreams.. fears that make the novel all the more powerful. And adds a level of depth to Memento Nora that I was not expecting to find. The events of Memento Nora all revolve around one word: Memento. Here it is not a trinket, but rather an ode to remembering. Remember the past: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Smibert effortlessly weaves this mantra throughout the tale. And I adored her for it. It really makes you think about how life is suppose to be savoured. That life is an experience, and that you have to take the good with the bad. Ultimately, Memento Nora is a novel full of surprises. It is an exciting look at what the world could be like if we all went down the rabbit hole. There seems to be a lot more up Angie Smibert's sleeve. And I cannot wait to see what it is.