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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1)

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1) - First Impression:Kagawa truly impressed me with her Iron Fey series. The world building and depth is incredible. Now, if she can do half of what she did with that series in Immortal Rules, I will be one happy reader.While Reading:Allison Sekemoto lives her life day by day in the Fringe. Trying to scrape a living together while attempting to go unnoticed by the residence of blood-suckers. Life sucks for Allison, but she does not want to be sucked on. Yet when an unimaginable new acquaintance forces a life/death changing choice on her, how will her final decision effect her humanity, her very soul? The Immortal Rules started off on such a positive note. The beautiful world-building that I have come to expect from a Kagawa book is in full effect. Taking readers into this dark, haunting world where around every corner a person can face a life or death choice. Kawawa's vampires are not your sparkling-type variety, wanting to save their own humanity. No, they live for the kill. Delighting in the suffering of the humans.As the novel started to unfold itself, I found myself trying harder and harder to really love Immortal Rules. The premise was there. The characters were beyond interesting. However, that little spark that I needed to really get involved with the book was not there. At times, I feared that due to the snail pace of the plot and lack of true action, Immortal Rules was doomed to be a DNF.It was not until I got about over half way into the book that my feelings started to change. Honestly, I am not exactly sure what it was that really changed my mind, but once it happened, it was like I was reading a totally different book. The spark had arrived!Final Verdict:It was a true struggle to really get into the heart Immortal Rules. The tempo of the pacing, in the beginning, was really off-setting for me. Making me question on numerous occasions if this book and I were destined to see the end together. BUT once I got past that 100 page or so threshold, Immortal Rules opened up to be a really interesting read. At this time, I am interested enough to see what will happen next, but my guard is a bit up after that beginning.