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After Obsession - Carrie Jones, Steven E. Wedel First Impression: After Obsession and its summary seem to have it all. Possession. Navajo lore. Romance. Plus a drop dead beautiful cover. Sign me up! While Reading: You know those books about possessions... ghosts... or the supernatural that you think may be creepy, but, in the end, leave you feeling kinda disappointed due to it not living up to its full potential? Well, After Obsession is definitely not one of those books. The story starts off choppy. Throwing readers right into the mix. It felt like I was on a boat and needing a minute to gain my bearings. But once I did, it was game on. Jones and Wedel blending their POVs so seamlessly together that it is almost hard to tell where one author starts and the other ends. Easily the best part of After Obsession is the creepy factor. It is one of those books that you know you should not read at night, but it is so good that you cannot help yourself. And the River Man. Oh, my goodness. This thing was freaking me out. To make things even worse, my husband has recently been telling me of the Slender Man. An urban legend that, in all honesty, looks nothing like Jones and Wedel describe the River Man to look like, but it didn't stop my imagination from going there. Sadly, After Obsession is not without its flaws. And all the flaws seem to revolve around the same issue: underdevelopment. The River Man. Aimee and her mom's powers. What the heck is eating people in the river? Even Alan's background to a certain degree. Jones and Wedel took me into this world. Made me fall in love with it. But did not answer many of the questions that I really needed answered. Verdict: After Obsession went way beyond any expectation that I had for it. Engrossing. Creepy. A beautiful family dynamic that left me with a smile on my face. Jones and Wedel leave a few hints that there could be a sequel. And I, for one, would be thrilled for more. I want to get back into this world, and explore it top to bottom. Please, please let there be more.