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Touch of Power - Maria V. Snyder First Impression:A few years ago, Kristen turned me on to Maria V. Synder. I think our first conversation about Synder went something along the lines of... "What? You have never read her books? Go fixed that immediately." Well, since Kristen and I have pretty similar tastes, I took her up on her sugguestion and I have been addicted to Synder's books ever since.While Reading:Unlike previous books written by Synder, Touch of Power took some time to get into. I started this book one day, just wasn't feeling it... put it away and it was weeks before I actually started again. In the book's defense, I know it wasn't the book's fault. It was mine. Not sure why the book didn't grab me the first time. But when I tried it again, wow, I just got into it and did not stop till I was finished. Definitely a stay up till the early morning hours type read. Avry is a pretty kick-ass heroine. But I would expect no less from Maria V. Synder and her books. In addition to Avry, the rag-tag group of rogues that Avry befriends made this book. I loved the interaction between our main character and the secondary characters. And Kerrick, our love interest, was smokin. Brooding, troubled, and a bit mysterious. Yum.Although every Snyder book seems to have the same type formula, no two series are alike. And that is one of the many reasons Synder is one of my go-to authors when I am looking for a fantastic read. Touch of Power is no exception. The world that Synder creates is lush. I would love to visit any number of her worlds and just get lost in them. Final Verdict:Touch of Power is a great start to a new series. Although everything seemed to wrap up nicely at the end, I am positive that there will be plenty of action and adventure in the following books of the series. And I can't wait to visit our characters and this world again.