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Hemlock - First Impression:I vaguely remember Hemlock was to have a paranormal element... and before I started reading, I could not even begin to guess what it would be. But with that lovely cover, I was willing to give whatever it turned out to be a try.While Reading:Werewolves! Of all the ideas floating around my head as to what secrets Hemlock could be holding... this was not even on the list.Hemlock starts with a bang. Mackenzie, aka Mac, our MC, has just lost her best friend to of all things a werewolf. In Mac's small town, unfortunately, a werewolf attack is not an uncommon event. The town's people while not living in constant fear of an attack, fear the effect of the lupine syndrome. A mysterious condition that causes the change. When Mac loses Amy, all the hidden pieces of her town begin to come together, and Mac finds herself caught in the middle of a battle she did not even realize existed.Mac was almost the perfect MC for a book like this. Good back bone. Stands up for herself now and then. And doesn't exactly fall all over herself when she meets the hunky guy (or in this case guys). Love triangles are always iffy, and when I had my doubts about this (almost) triangle a few time, Peacock does the right thing and nips it in butt. Thank you! There was plenty of chemistry between Mac and Kyle without throwing other guys in the loop, and muddling it up.Hemlock, at its heart, is a werewolf story. But it was a bit different. Plenty of darkness with a far share of light, made Hemlock a book that I was glued to until the very end. Peacock's world building was sadly a bit off in regards to the lupine syndrome, but in the grand scheme of things, it was a blip on my radar. It is true that I still have more than enough questions about this condition, but a sequel (or maybe two) can always cure that issue.Final Verdict:From the very beginning, Hemlock was anything but I was expecting. For that alone, I would recommend Hemlock. But there is so much more to this book. I need a sequel... and I need it now.