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Haven - Kristi Cook Short and Sweet: Haven... oh Haven. I picked you up on a whim. You had so much promise. Hex Hall with a mix of X-Men?! You sounded so heavenly. But you broke my heart. Well, not really. But my frustration mixed with your promise... it was all that I could do to finish you. And it is all due to one thing... and one thing only. VAMPIRES!!! Grrr.Final Verdict: I hate when I fall for a book only to be disappointed. Haven, in all honesty, was not a complete disappointment. But it was pretty close. Do I hate vampires? No. But I hate the stereotypes. And Haven had a bunch of them. I think that if that one little thing had been something different, my whole opinion would be changed. So.. bottom line.. Haven was a good read. Loved the premise and the characters. And even the science behind Aiden... it was just too much angst for me. Would I recommend it? To the right person, yes. For everyone else, maybe.