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Rebel Heart - Moira Young While Reading:Sometimes, I really dislike book series. You find yourself hooked, dying to know more, only to discover now you have to wait another year or so to find out what happens next. That was exactly how I felt at the end of Blood Red Road. There was not a huge cliffhanger, but with Jack and Saba being apart, I just had to see them back together again. Hopefully, for their happily ever after.After all the waiting and anticipation for Rebel Hearts, I must say I was a bit let down. Part of what made Blood Red Road so amazing was the non-stop action. Sure, there were a few down moments, but overall, something about that read pulled me in.Rebel Hearts was not a bad read. But it was not particularly exciting either. After much thought, I can only come to the conclusion that the issue steams mainly from the lack of a true villain. In Blood Red Road, Saba started on a mission to locate her brother. She went on a journey. Bad guy discovered.. and he was brought down. In Rebel Hearts, our semi-bad guy was a bit of a carry over from Blood Red Road. The tale builds and builds us up to hate, fear this guy, but once he truly made an appearance, I was left scratching my head. Thinking 'is this it'?The tale leads us to believe that this guy is the brain behind New Eden. That his followers have done horrible things done in the name of this budding society. But wait. Why should we fear this guy again? Oh, that's right. He was the semi-bad guy the previous book. So although, he has not done anything extra special in this installment, he is still to be feared? Um, ok. If that wasn't enough to leave me scratching my head, the plot thickens once he and Saba meet, taking the plot on another weird turn. Final Verdict:Maybe I built Rebel Hearts up too much in my mind. Maybe there will be a third book to take the odd taste out of my mouth after reading this installment. So many maybes. Rebel Hearts was not was I was anticipating at all. So many turns that seem odd in comparison to the awesomeness that was Blood Red Road. If there is a third installment, I will definitely be entering it a bit more cautiously.