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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver Delirium takes the notion of love and spins it on its head. Lena, unlike most girls her age, wants nothing to do with love. To her, love is a death sentence.. the downfall of a person. For Lena, her eighteenth birthday cannot come soon enough. And when that day comes, Lena believes that she will finally be able to breath a sigh of relief for she will be cured of the deadly disease. But when she meets Alex... Lena realizes that nothing will be the same.The tale begins slowly. The characters are introduced... back story given.. the usual stuff. And I have to admit, sadly, that I was not overly impressed. I wondered where was the author that I had fallen in love with in Before I Fall. I was in shock. Now, before you go thinking I hated the novel, I want to say that this is far from the truth. The truth is Delirium just took a while for me to warm up to. And really that warming up cycle didn't appear until the second half of the novel. For me, these halves were like night and day. In contrast to the beginning, the second half of Delirium is pure genius. It is a non-stop, action packed ball of awesomeness. Finally, here was the Lauren Oliver that I had been waiting so desperately for. In all honesty, I am at a loss words for this portion of the novel. And the ending.. my heart literally stopped beating. I read the last chapter.. stopped.. had to go back, read it again.. still did not believe that I had read it right and read it for the third time. It was an OH MY GOD moment of epic portions. I did not see this twist coming from a mile away.Delirium is a lovely dystopian read that I never in a million years would have thought would effect me so deeply. The world that Oliver creates flows beautifully from its pages. Encasing you in a world that is familiar yet different. With so many dystopian novels being released at the present time, you might think that they all just flow together, but with Delirium, you would be wrong.