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The Weepers: The Other Life  - Susanne Winnacker First Impression:Dystopian? Post-apocalyptic? I really wasn't sure what this book's main focus would be. The summary indicates that it could go in a variety of ways. But either way I was excited for this read.While Reading:The Weepers put a strong foot forward from the very first page. The story opens with Sherry and her family coming to the conclusion that the bunker that they have lived in for the past few years will no longer be able to sustain them. Food dwindling. Life on the outside as a possibility is beyond questionable. But with the choice being either: die due to lack of supplies or face the unknown, it a choice of the lesser evil. With the decision reached to face the unknown, Sherry and her father venture out to see what is left of the world that they left.I must hand it to Susanne Winnacker. She really knows how to build a story. The Weepers is one of those hard to pinpoint type of tales. Not dystopian. Not completely post-apocalyptic. A hybrid containing a variety of pieces. And those pieces fit together beautifully. I went through this tale feeling like I had no clue what was awaiting me around the next corner. This worked so well especially when Winnacker added in those oh-so-deliciously creepy moments. I was on the edge of my seat. Part of me dying to know what would come next. The other part hoping that something was NOT about to pop out.To top everything off, The Weepers features incredible characters. Sherry was not one of those stupid, simpering chicks who you secretly wish would die as fast as possible. Joshua knows this world. The good... the bad... and the oh-so ugly. He was a nice counterpart to Sherry's ignorance of the world. Not too sure about the romance with these two though. It seemed really rushed in certain parts, only to take a step back a few pages later. Speed up, slow down. It was like that for most of the novel. I wish that it had felt more consistent.Final Verdict: The Weepers went far beyond any expectations that I had. A fast paced, gritty hybrid with a delicious twist that I never saw coming. Winnacker definitely has me hooked. I cannot wait for more.