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Chosen Ones - Tiffany Truitt First Impression:A world where humans are being directly replaced by artificial life... and there are ZERO robots involved? Not something that you come across every often. This plot was calling my name.While Reading:The first thing I noticed about The Chosen Ones was its originality. Sure, there are plenty of dystopians where the war to end all wars has occurred (or is occurring) and human life is at its breaking point. One crucial tip in the scales could make or break humanity. Our story starts with this premise. But then veers into a completely new ground by introducing the Chosen Ones. A group of artificial humans who are strong, faster, and most importantly (at least to the naturals) disposable. They are to be the answer to humanity's problems. The Chosen Ones are the weapon to end all weapons. In turn for their assistance with the war, they are promised to be the ones to inherit the Earth. Doesn't sound like a bad deal for them, does it?The Chosen Ones was pretty spot on for what I was hoping it would be. Truitt introducing her characters and the back drop for this society perfectly. What made this book for me was how Truitt set up her story. It unfolds at almost the perfect pace. Every time I was close to thinking, 'Well, I wonder how X got to this point?' I would flip a page and there was my answer. Never had to feel like I was dying of curiosity waiting for an explanation to my questions. Loved that.Tess was a pretty kick ass chick. The trials that she undergoes would have definitely broken a weaker person. And although, she is constantly thought of heartless, her POV shows her to be anything but. I loved her narration. Being able to get into her head allowed me to see her in a different light. But it's true that if Truitt had told The Chosen Ones from a different POV or angle, I may not have liked her as much. Additionally, the blurb does lead readers to believe that we may have an insta-love romance on our hands here... but thank goodness, we do not. Honestly, I am not completely sold on this romance (yet), but it does have the potential for epicness.Verdict:Overt action packness... The Chosen Ones is not. But the action that is does contain is well placed and done well. Which if you ask me is better. The tale ends not exactly on a cliffhanger, but with plenty of loose threads for a powerhouse of a sequel. Definitely looking forward to more.