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Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare When I first heard that Cassandra Clare was coming out with a prequel to her The Mortal Instrument series, I was a little hesitant about starting the new series. While I can say that I did enjoy the previous series, it overall is not one of my favorites. So when I laid hands on Clockwork Angel, some of my fears carried over. However, it is easy to say that Clockwork Angel far surpasses Ms. Clare's previous work. And I loved every minute of this novel.Clockwork Angel is set in Victorian London, a setting which always pleases me as a reader. The tale focuses on Tessa who has come to London in search of her brother. While she thinks this should be an easy task, life has a way of throwing some curve balls in. Shortly after arriving, Tessa is kidnapped by the Dark Sisters who quickly introduce her into a world that she never even dreamed existed.What sets this novel apart from the previous series is the details. While reading The Mortal Instrument series, I must admit that I often felt lost in the world that Ms. Clare created. It was like I was on information overload. This is not the case in the slightest with Clockwork Angel. Every detail is wonderfully explained and the reader understands easily how everything fits into the larger picture.Another aspect that Ms. Clare excels in is her characterization. Tessa is a fantastic female character who is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She knows that she has gone down the rabbit hole so to speak and does everything that she can to become adjusted to her new circumstances. And then there are the boys... Will and Jem, they quite possibly are one of the main reasons that I adored this novel so much. Their banter and humor kept me glued to the pages to see what unique situation they would find their selves in next.Clockwork Angel was a complete surprise. An engaging read that will please readers of all ages. The novel itself is a little on the thick side, but do not let that put you off. With fantastic characters and a new world to explore, the pages will fly by and leave you begging for more.