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Dark Frost  - Jennifer Estep First Impression:I am a complete sucker for this series. Estep wowed me with the first book of the series, Touch of Frost. Was on the fence with the second book, Kiss of Frost. And here we are with the third book. I was so ready to get this book started.While Reading:After reading so many series where things go downhill as the series continues, I entered Dark Frost with a bit of a chip on my shoulder. The Mythos Academy series has so much going for it. Amazing characters. Really interesting premise. The last thing that I want is to find another series where I am invested, but continue the tale only because of that investment.As this is the third book in the series, I think I may have come to a realization. Unlike some authors, whose series tend to get worse as they continue, Jennifer Estep only gets better. While I really enjoyed Touch of Frost, the same could not be exactly be said of Kiss of Frost. My main issue with the second book was that it veered from the main premise and didn't really fit as I thought it should have. Dark Frost, thankfully, did not have this issue. It was exactly what I was hoping it would be and more!After the experiences in Kiss of Frost, Gwen is on a mission. Find the Helheim Dagger before the reapers. In addition, there is a romance that needs some resolution. And Estep FINALLY comes through! Boy, have I been rooting for Gwen and Logan. I was thrilled with how everything progressed in this book.Dark Frost also introduces a new character that is sure to steal your heart, Nott. If you remember from Kiss of Frost, there is a certain wolf that Gwen bonds with. It is back! I loved, loved the story of Nott and how it interwove with the story. Definitely, my favorite character of this book.Verdict:It's true that Dark Frost is third book of the series. But it definitely does did not read that way. Action and adventure mixing in with few plot twists and story progression made this an incredible read. Dark Frost certainly did this series proud. Plus, there is a little sneak peek at Book Four, Crimson Frost, that left me stunned. If you have not given the Mythos Academy series a try yet, what are you waiting for? It does not disappoint.