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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi First Impression:As a dystopian junkie, I am always on the lookout for the next IT book. With all the hype surrounding Shatter Me, I was really hoping it would be the IT book I was looking for.While Reading:Shatter Me is like no other book that I have read before. While for some books, this may be a marvelous thing. For others, not so much. After much contemplation, Shatter Me fits into almost an in between of the two. Not horrible. But not completely epic.Juliette, our MC, is like a bird in a cage. She has not touched any one for 264 days. Has barely even had human contact. Her only companion? A notebook that has seen much better days. All this changes when suddenly, Juliette discovers that she has a new roommate... a guy no less. One that intrigues her. Challenges her. One who does not perish at her touch. Questions that never before seemed to need answers... come to the surface. And a girl who has lost her voice finds that maybe all hope is not lost after all.Shatter Me, while not exactly divided into parts, feels very divided. The beginning of the novel is something else. The writing is beautifully written in a way that, honestly, made even me question my sanity. Every other sentence is censored by Juliette. Conflict is everywhere. Making the reader question: Is Juliette crazy? or Has the situation made her into this person who seems to have almost nothing to live for? It just startling how halting the beginning is. It is a beautiful chaos.The second half of the novel, however, is where things went downhill for me. All the pieces begin to fit a little too together. We discover some back stories, but it never seemed enough. Why does she have these powers? Why does Adam and the others? The world that Mafi creates felt lacking. Like there should have been more of certain explanations and less of others.Final Verdict:While not my favorite dystopain, Shatter Me adds plenty of spice to an ever expanding group. Just wish the magic that the novel had begun with would have carried through out the entire book. And the ending... I am not even going there. Will I continue with the next segment? Right now, it is a probably not. But with the summary not yet released, I have plenty of time to change my mind.