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The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel - Maureen Lindley This novel combines some of my favorite elements: historical fiction and Asian themes. There are many aspects of this novel that surprised me. While I did not mind the first person point of view, I really wish that I had gotten to know the main character better. The reader is given only glimpses into her and her personality. And unfortunately, many details were left untold or unexplored. The pacing of the novel, overall, was decent. Lindley took her time to explain why certain situations were they way they were. I only wish that there had not been so much emphasis on the drug usage and sex. Personally, books that involve this type of information does not bother me; however, certain scenes almost felt as if Eastern Jewel was not really a part of them. She seemed to be more detached then an anything.Despite a few bumps in the road, Lindley did a wonderful job of bring Eastern Jewel and her adventures to light. It was very interesting to view another side of this culture that I had not heard of before. Yes, not all parts of the culture reflect her experiences, but it was still fun to take a path less traveled.