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Another Faust (Another, #1) - Daniel Nayeri,  Dina  Nayeri,  Katherine Kellgren Another Faust is a compelling mixture of darkness and suspense. The novel follows 5 teens on their journey to illuminate the price that one must pay in return for being "special." There are many aspects of this novel that showed promise. The pacing of the novel was done wonderfully. I think that the authors took their time to expound on certain areas, while glossing over the others. This format kept the book fresh for me, and maintained my attention. The characters were easy to connect with, and dislike if you so chose. In addition, I found their "gifts" to be a wonderful extension of themselves. Each "gift" perfectly suited each character and made them easier to differentiate.My biggest issue was that there were passages that I had to reread several times, including out loud, to try to grasp what the authors were trying to say. And I am sad to say, but I still do not understand some of them due to the confusing wording. Despite that, I enjoyed how different this novel is from most of the material out there right now for young adult readers. And I look forward to see what fate awaits our characters in the next novel, Another Pan.