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Possessions - Nancy Holder Lindsay is just about to get the fresh start she has been longing for. No longer will she be surrounded by those who remember the "breakdown." No longer will she be "that girl." Instead, she is hoping to blend in nicely with the other students at Marlwood Academy. But it looks like luck just is not on Lindsay's side. Shortly after arriving at the Academy, she begins to experience some unexplained activity and hearing some rumors she just cannot seem to ignore.Possessions is one of those novels that you will have a reaction to. It might not be the most positive one, but it will leave you thinking. And questioning every action leading up to one heck of a cliff hanger. For me, the ending is what really makes this novel stick out. For one, it was something that I did not see coming. It completely blew me away.. in a good way. But it also left me frustrated beyond belief and words. It is one of those endings where days later, I am still not sure if I loved or hated it.The world that Holder created was fascinating. It is a unique blend of old and new which suits the mood of the novel perfectly. I am sucker for novels that include settings which have a torrid past, and Marlwood Academy definitely has one of those. Add in a little bit of paranormal activity, and I was sold. The characterization of Lindsay and the other student's was also nice. Like Marlwood Academy, each student basically has an interesting past, but also tries to live in the now. For the most part, I really like Lindsay. Her personality fit right in with all the kookiness going on around her.Possessions is a novel full of layers and things that go bump in the night. I found myself completely captivated by Marlwood Academy and even Lindsay to a certain extent. This is a novel that I both completely enjoyed as well as found myself yelling at. There is enough of the paranormal element here to satisfy most paranormal lovers. But even if you do not enjoy a paranormal read, there may be something here for you... lurking in the pages.