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The Pyramid of Souls - Erica Kirov After reading the first novel in the series, I was excited and hesitant to begin the second. I went into the novel hoping that this time I would be able to have a better connection with the novel and its characters. And I am happy to say that I did connect more with The Pyramid of Souls than I had expected.Nick is struggling. You name it and he is probably having a hard time with it. He cannot get his magic just right, he thinks he is disappointing his cousin, the magnificent Damien, and he is a little bit envious that his other cousin Isabella is tad bit better in the magical department. What is a boy to do?Kirov, like most writers, interweaves portions of the first novel into the second novels tale. At first, I was a little put off by this since I has just read the first novel. But for those who have not read the first novel in a while, it is a wonderful refresher. Plus, I really enjoyed how Kirov interwove the details. It flows nicely within the new plot developments and does not weigh the reader down. It is just enough without being too much.The Pyramid of Souls was a wonderful addition to the series. I got to know a lot more about Nick's world and had a really fun time doing so. The characters were a lot more complex and fleshed out this time around. So I felt like I got to know them better, which helps me care about them and their adventures. From the ending of the novel, I can tell that readers have not yet seen the last of Nick or the Shadowkeepers, so I will be keeping a look out for the next novel. If you like novels with Russian lore or just those involving magic, then this is a series you should definitely check out.