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Sisters Red - Sisters Red is an interesting blend of a fairy tale and something completely new. While it is not a retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood tale, it has many of the plot details that readers may expect to find: red hooded cape, a grandma, werewolves, and a hatchet. But that is about where the similarities end.The novel is set in a very unique way. The world that the sisters, Scarlett and Rosie, live in is reminiscent of a classic fairy tale, yet on the fringes of that world is our society. In essence, there are two worlds that Jackson creates. As a reader, I could identify with the worlds separately. However, when they intersected each other, it became a very discombobulating experience. It felt like these were two worlds that were never meant to cross, but did. Honestly, in the beginning, I had hard time following the tale just because of the setting. I liked them separately, but not together. As the novel continued, I began to become more accustomed to this situation. And while I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of it, I can understand why Jackson gave her tale this setting. For me, the characters made this novel. Told in alternating chapters, the reader really gets to know both Scarlett and Rosie. We understand their motivations, their thoughts and feelings, and what makes them tick. This deeper understanding made me fully appreciate these characters, and left me in awe of their kick butt and take names approach. These are definitely strong heroines who know how to take charge of a situation.Although I did have a slightly difficult time getting into the novel, I must admit that overall it was a lot of fun. Plenty of action, fantastic heroines, some romance, and werewolves being bad made this a nice read.