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The Clone Codes #1 - Patricia C. Mckissack;Fredrick McKissack;John McKissack From the beginning pages, I devoured The Clone Codes. And despite the novel's shortness, there is plenty for the reader to take in. The futuristic setting, the science fiction element, and the non-stop action made this novel a complete page turner. The novel definitely something for all types of readers.One aspect that really surprised me about The Clone Codes was its message. Most readers will be familiar with the history of slaves and their treatment. What is interesting is how the authors took those historic details and made them relevant in a futuristic setting. In this society, clones are treated no better than slaves. They are genetically created and altered to be mindless drones. Their purpose is to serve the society in the manner for which they have been created. Whether they be cooks, housekeepers, offices assistants... you name it, their purpose is the same: to serve the people and the society. This is a fascinating read that touches what it is to be free. And what we are willing to go through in order to maintain that freedom.In addition to the powerful messages, the characters that Patricia and Fredrick McKissack have created are top notched. From Leanna's character to the secondary characters, and even the clones, the novel has so much diversity. This gives the reader a chance to really connect with the novel. To understand all sides of the argument and decide for themselves which side they would choose. This is an amazing novel that blew me away.While it remains to be seen if there will be a sequel, this is definitely one novel that I would love to see more of. As it is, the ending is not quite what I expected due to it ending so abruptly. Currently, I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I will be able to see more of Leanna and her adventure.