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Liselle And The Birch Prince - Bryan P. Hunt, Andrea Hunt, Tanya Lam Liselle and the Birch Prince is an enchanting fairy tale that is sure to capture the imagination of readers of all ages. Hunt's writing is superb in capturing the magically feeling in this tale. Upon beginning the novel, I felt like I was reading something out of a Grimm's novel. All the elements blended together so well that I have no doubt that for some this novel is an instant fairy tale classic.While I throughly enjoyed Liselle and the Birch Prince, the novel is not without its small flaws. Hunt presents the novel as sort of a mixture between fairy tale and myth. Early on readers understand that this is a tale to explain how the Birch tree gained its markings. And to a certain extent, Hunt does this. However, the explanation was not as explored as I would have liked. The reasoning behind the markings is told, but not exactly how they came to be. Additionally, other than Liselle, the reader knows very little about each character. The reader is given a small glimpse into the personality of each character, but I had a hard time understanding certain character's motivations.It is important to note that this novel is only 23 pages with beautiful illustrations on almost every page, and it was written probably more for children than adults or teens. So I understand why the character development and motivations is missing, but it is still something that I would have liked to have seen. Liselle and the Birch Prince is a magical tale that would be perfect for mothers (or even fathers) to read their children to sleep to. Or a wonderful read if you are like me and just love a good fairy tale. Highly enjoyable.