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Shadow Blade - Seressia Glass Shadow Blade is an interesting entry into the urban fantasy genre. Kira is a Shadowchaser, trained to be the best. But when a 4000 year old dagger comes into the picture, it seems that Kira cannot catch a break: her handler dies, she must seek revenge, and to top things off, some uber sexy 4000 year old warrior claims the dagger is rightfully his. What is a girl to do?While the writing and the plot are spot on, I must admit that I am a little disappointed in this novel. Personally, I love strong female characters. I enjoy reading about their strength and their go-get-them attitude. From the beginning of the novel, the reader can see that Kira is a strong character. She has all the potential to be everything I like in a female character. But unfortunately, she let me down. As it often happens, a man enters the picture. Almost instantly, Kira goes from a kicking butt kinda girl to this mushy, bit of girly goo. All because of a guy. And while I liked the guy to a certain extent, I just have a hard time justify the change.Shadow Blade has the potential to be an excellent addition to this genre. With its kinda kick butt main character, a wonderful back story, and the interesting tidbits of African mythology, it has many elements that hardcore urban fantasy readers will certainly enjoy. But I would have liked to have seen more from this novel. The possibility is there, I just do not think that it was fully taken advantage of.