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Raiders' Ransom - Emily Diamand Raiders' Ransom takes place in a world that reverts back to a pre-Industrial Revolution way of life due to the Collapse. This catastrophic event has caused much of England to be underwater, Scotland is now a great power, and to top it all off... there are pirates!The story centers around Lilly and her very adorable seacat, Cat. Upon her village being attacked by raiders (pirates), she discovers that her life as been turned upside down with the people in her village now believed to be traitorous due to the prime minister’s daughter being kidnapped. In order to right the wrong brought upon her and her friends, she set out on a great adventure to rescue the girl.Told in alternating points of view, Raiders' Ransom is a really fun read. While it took me a while to get the hang of the point of view changes (the chapter pictures represent each character), I really enjoyed learning more about Lilly (aka Lilo) and Zeph. They are a nice foil to each other, and ultimately want only what is best for their respective side. In addition, the characters are very well developed with both acting and sounding realistic which gives the novel an added bonus in my opinion. With amazing characters and a unique premise, this novel is amazing adventure that will thrill and excite young and old readers alike. A fantastic read.