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Dani Noir - Nova Ren Suma Told from the funny and imaginative point of view of thirteen-year-old Dani, Dani Noir is hands down the best middle grade novel that I have read in ages. Though it has been *cough* *cough* years since I was last in middle school, reading this novel brought back some interesting memories from that period in my life. Personally, I loved Dani as a character, but I did have a few minor bumps in the road with relating to her-- divorced parents vs. mine which are still married for example. However, I believe that overall many teen readers will have no problem relating to Dani or her situation.The story is that of an early teen learning to deal with the hardships of friendship, parental issues, and finding her place in the world while being a little different from everyone else. Based on overcoming and even accepting these issues, teen (and possibly even adult) readers will be drawn to the positive messages reinforced in this novel. I highly recommend this spunky read for those readers looking for a lighthearted and highly enjoyable read, regardless of your age.