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The Kindling of GreenFyr: Book One of the Reunification Conspiracy: 1

The Kindling of Greenfyr: Book One of the Reunification Conspiracy - Mark  Freeman To be honest, I did not really have an expectation going into this book. I thought it looked interesting, but not know much about the author, so I decided that I would reserve judgement until I got to dive into the book.I have to say that once I actually got into the book, it was really hard for me to leave it. The world that Freeman creates is marvellous. It filled with all sorts of creatures both light and dark-- trolls, elves, shapeshifters, etc. Every aspect of this world is depicted fully which allows the reader to easily get caught up in this novel. This book is a fantasy lover's dream.My only issue with the book is that I found Lilith to be a little soft. I wanted her to be more dark and evil. I am hoping that I will get to see more of her in the sequel, and she will develop the evilness that I know she is capable of. At this point, she is at a good introductory period, but I feel like she has much more to offer this series.Generally speaking, I found this to be a great start to a new series--the characters are well developed, the plot is fairly fast paced, the world created is fantastic. I cannot wait to see what happens next in this series.** Sidenote- at 556 pages, this book is rather thick, so you may want to pace yourself in order to get the full effect of the book. **